Reporters confirm that police & advisors concealed the identity of Darren Wilson until he could delete all social media & move out of state.



This is exactly why I will never give American Apparel a single penny.
Not only does the founder have a history of raping female employees (some of them teens), masturbating in front of female reporters, harassing female employees, promoting sexism, and promoting pedophilia, but it seems they’ve now gone to straight-up advertising with pornography which appear to be creeper shots.
The above is an actual advertisement they posted on their tumblr page.
I had to blur it out because that is not even remotely SFW.
The original link is posted in the source. I don’t recommend you click it.
American Apparel needs to be held accountable for their crimes against women, and particularly the founder, needs to be put in prison for rape and pedophilia, among other things.
These bastards will never get any of my money.

^ I knew they were a shitty company but wow, some of those links shocked me.
peach--queen: I just feel like I'm drowning in the "all-inclusive" idea of feminism being spread on tumblr and I feel very deeply that men do not belong in this subject. There's this post going around basically about boys being bullied for being 'girly' and how sexism hurts men too and I just wanted to set myself on fire. it gets me legit upset that ppl on here really think men experience equally valid problems with sexism. I'm so sick of ALWAYS being made to include them in fucking everything!!!


It’s sad and awful that boys are bullied for being perceived as effeminate. And feminism does address that by, ya know, wanting to break down gender roles and change gender-conformity expectations to not be strict or defined.  But for the men complaining about boys being bullied (mainly by other boys and men, btw) for “acting like girls”, do they realize that girls experience the same breed of bullying simply for existing as girls??


I redid it in color. Black children are denied their innocence and childhood, even in death.
blogging-royalty: bless you. I am full on feminist because I'm pretty darn sick of men catcalling me AT SCHOOL, and being harassed and not taken seriously by my own teachers. Your blog and others has opened my eyes and I know why this feels right. I'm going to be nice to every girl and work with them and if any dude is abusing or harassing a girl I'm going to interfere, it doesn't help I'm 5 foot tall but you know, I'm proud to be feminist. don't put me down, I'll only stand taller.



Ben Barres is a biologist at Stanford who lived and worked as Barbara Barres until he was in his forties. For most of his career, he experienced bias, but didn’t give much weight to it—seeing incidents as discrete events. (When he solved a tough math problem, for example, a professor said, “You must have had your boyfriend solve it.”) When he became Ben, however, he immediately noticed a difference in his everyday experience: “People who don’t know I am transgendered treat me with much more respect,” he says. He was more carefully listened to and his authority less frequently questioned. He stopped being interrupted in meetings. At one conference, another scientist said, “Ben gave a great seminar today—but then his work is so much better than his sister’s.” (The scientist didn’t know Ben and Barbara were the same person.) “This is why women are not breaking into academic jobs at any appreciable rate,” he wrote in response to Larry Summers’s famous gaffe implying women were less innately capable at the hard sciences. “Not childcare. Not family responsibilities,” he says. “I have had the thought a million times: I am taken more seriously.”

Why Aren’t Women Advancing At Work? Ask A Transgender Person | Jessica Nordell for The New Republic (via gaywrites)


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Ok so basically


4chan hacked tons of female celeb iCloud accounts and have already released tons and tons of nudes and like 30 of Jennifer Lawrence’s alone and there are videos too but they haven’t posted them yet but this is very bad :/

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If you defend a guy for his nudes getting leaked (“aw it’s okay we still love you1!1!1!!!”) but then shame a girl for her nudes getting leaked (“what a slut she shouldn’t have taken them in the first place!!1!1!!!”) I hope you step on many lego pieces at once.

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Me flirting


I find it interesting how society doesn’t care when the media sexualizes women, when men sexualizes women, when school and the government sexualizes women. But the second a woman is in control and sexualizes herself willingly it’s wrong and disgusting.

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Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.

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The most ignored words in the world.


If I see Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes on my dash, your ass WILL be unfollowed. You cannot be a decent human being and have empathy for her situation while simultaneously contributing to it.

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